The Secret to Change

Three Myths About Change

Three Myths About Change

Have you ever wished that you could change your life? I used to, all the time. There were all sorts of things I wanted to change about myself and my life. For ages, I worked a job that I...

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The Secret to Change

I don’t wanna be dramatic, but I know the secret to change. Of course, it isn’t much of a secret; the truth is foolishly simple. Here goes: The secret to big life changes is small behavioural changes. Yep. That’s...

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Sandra Parsons

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Welcome! I'm Sandra Parsons, personal finance writer and owner of A Theory of Change. I believe small behavioural changes are the key to making big life changes - including financial ones.

My goal is to help you develop behaviours that will help you take control of your finances.

It's a beautiful day to change your life <3