Why Maxing Out Your TDS is a Terrible Idea


Picture this: You're shopping for a car, and you've test driven a few modest models. Maybe you're leaning towards buying used (not a bad idea). Then the sales guy asks if you want to test drive the fully-loaded brand new SUV you know is out of your price range. Just for fun. And you think, what the hell? Next thing you know, you've fallen in love, and the sales guy is saying those two magic words:...

Summer Savings, save money

25 Simple Ways to Save Money This Summer

After the long, cold winter, summer temperatures are finally here to stay. Though it’s the season of unlimited sunshine, it’s not the season of unlimited spending. With the warmer weather giving way to graduation parties, weddings, and over-priced theme...

Restaurant burger

How to Save Money on Eating Out

I like saving money, but I also like enjoying my life. Sometimes it feels like these two goals are at odds. Know what I mean? Sometimes when we have a big financial goal, we give up something we enjoy for...


Cars: Newer Isn’t Always Better

I know I am not the only one! But how can we overcome this insane urge to have the latest bells and whistles?! Marketing is certainly doing its job! It’s not even car commercials that do it, it’s knowing that...

Getting Started With A Budget

Getting Started with a Budget

It actually feels weird that I’ve waited this long to address the topic head on. I’ve talked about the importance of budgeting, but I haven’t written a post (for my blog, anyway), about how to tackle a budget. Let’s...

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